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For those of you who can't be bothered to read the admittedly lengthy Advanced Class Guides, here's a condensed version containing just the main points without any explanations. Reading this will allow you to get by just fine. If you want explanations or want to use the Mage class, read the corresponding Advanced Guide.


Role: damage-dealer, can do the most damage per token,

Recommended Att/Def Ratio: between 1:1 and 3:1

Ability: +10 attack, +10 defense

Essential Skills:
Whirlwind (1250 coins)
Shout (4000 coins)
Confidence (5000 coins)

Best Generals:
#1 Ameron (Annihilator Chest @ lv100)
#2 Meekah (Oracle @ lv280-289)
#3 Deianira (2500 coins in guild shop)
#4 Oberon (Oracle @ lv210-219)
Equip Oberon when entering battle, then switch to any of the #1-3 generals or your highest stat general

Battle Plan:
Equip Whirlwind, Resistance, and Shout. Use Shout once, then switch it out for Confidence. Win five battles in a row to maximize the Confidence bonus, then begin spamming Whirlwind.

- Whirlwinding groups of 3 enemies with over 200 health each will maximize your damage inflicted
- Use Whirlwind to defeat enemies you can’t beat by casting it on people right next to them. Splash damage from Whirlwind also ignores Evade.
- Cast Shout right at the beginning of the battle and see if you can position yourself between two active allies (preferably Rogues or Warriors) to maximize the bonus
- Try to have the Confidence bonus maxed out when you are stunned. It (and the Shout bonus) will still apply when you attack enemies, allowing you to remain a big thorn in the enemy’s side when you’re eventually stunned.

- Warriors require 12,125 coins to reach most of its potential (essential skills & resistance lv4), which will take 3-5 months of battling every day to obtain. Until you can get Whirlwind and Confidence (6250 coins, or a little past the halfway mark), Rogues will outdamage you.
- Confidence is your biggest damage booster, but it requires you to win most of your offensive and defensive fights to be effective. Therefore while high BSI and good equipment are recommended for other classes, they’re essential to be a good warrior. Warrior is a terrible choice for power levelers until they get their level into the upper triple digits, at which point it becomes an excellent choice.


Role: damage-dealer, does the most damage to a single target

Recommended Att/Def Ratio: between 3:2 and 4:1

Ability: +100 damage on victory

Essential Skills:
Evade (1250 coins)
Poison (5000 coins)

Best Generals:
#1 Deshara (Oracle @ lv180-189)
#2 Aethyx (Oracle @ lv250-259)
#3 Deianira (Guild Shop, 2500 coins)
Equip Deshara/Deianira when attacking and Aethyx when using Poison

Battle Plan:
Equip Evade, Poison, and Resistance. Use Poison on high-health targets but otherwise attack normally. Very straightforward, but highly deadly!

- Because you are the best damage dealer to a single target, you should really focus on defeating active enemies to maximize your utility in combat. Don’t even think about skipping over low level active enemies either... even though they give less guild points, Rogues won’t be spamming skills like the other 3 classes. 160 points for attacking a low level enemy is still better than the 130 points Warriors and Clerics get for using Whirlwind and Heal.
- Your best generals are all readily available and work extremely well together. Equip Aethyx when you want to use Poison. Switch to Deshara when you want to attack. For defense equip Deianira (good), any high-stat general (better), or Daphne (best!). Daphne is available at the Oracle when you’re level 220-229.

- Don’t bother trying to get any Rogue epic generals. You can use Raziel when defending if you get him but Daphne is much better for that. They are all pretty worthless except for their stats.
- You can get Ambush (5000 coins) if you really want to but Evade lv2 (5000 coins) and even Evade lv3 (10000 coins) are probably a better use of your coins. Don’t even think about buying Lacerate.


Role: support class, trips up dangerous enemies and allows allies to defeat them, keeps enemy clerics busy

Recommended Att/Def Ratio: between 1:1 and 4:1

Ability: +10 damage on offensive or defensive victory to entire enemy tower

Essential Skills:
Polymorph (1250 coins)
Confuse (5000 coins)

Best Generals:
#1 Syren (Oracle lv260-269)
#2 Zurran (Annihilator chest @ lv150, 1.25%)
#3 Felizia (Wrath chest @ lv250, 2.5%)
#4 Anya (Oracle lv290-299)
#5 Alexandria (Oracle lv300-309)
Equip Syren to use Confuse, Felizia/Anya to use Polymorph, and Zurran/Alexandria to attack

Battle Plan:
Equip Resistance, Polymorph, and Confuse. Confuse any dangerous enemy actives you see. Polymorph any enemy actives that most of your team mates would normally have trouble beating. Otherwise attack normally.

- Coordinate Polymorph with weaker Rogues who wouldn’t normally be able to beat your Poly target. You can also coordinate it with a weaker warrior who uses Whirlwind to damage the Poly target and two enemies on either side of the target.
- Confuse ALL enemy actives (that you can) who aren’t close to being stunned. This skill, especially with Syren equipped, will make you an invaluable asset to your team.
- Several Mages targeting one enemy tower can really hurt it with their active ability. Without coordination (or when none of the enemies’ towers have lots of healthy actives), their ability should only be viewed as a foil to the Cleric’s healing ability. An enemy with 10 health can get one full-strength attack in, so try to take these targets out (by attacking healthy enemies in their tower) as quickly as you can.

- Mages are the most tactical class. Their ability and all of their skills can be devastating when used right and worthless when used poorly. Read the entire Advanced Mage Guide so that you don’t make this mistake.
- Though Mirror Image and Magic Barrier can be extremely useful depending on the circumstances, Polymorph and Confuse are much more useful to both you and your guild and should be the first two skills you buy no matter what.
- Mages can coin farm very easily by repeatedly Polymorphing or Confusing high level targets for 240 points a token. Don’t do this unless you are positive your guild will win.


Role: support class, keeps other classes alive longer so they can continue damaging the enemy with full strength

Recommended Att/Def Ratio: between 1:4 and 1:1

Ability: +10 health to all allies in same tower on offensive or defensive victory

Essential Skills:
Heal (1250 coins)
Dispel (5000 coins)
Resurrect (7500 coins)

Best Generals:
#1 Kothas (Wrath Chest @ lv250, 1.25%)
#2 Tefaera (Oracle lv350-359)
#3 Elaida (Annihilator Chest @ lv150, 1.25%)
#4 Sanna (Oracle lv170-179)
Equip Elaida when healing, Kothas/Tefaera when using Resurrect, and Sanna for attacking

Battle Plan:
Equip Resistance, Dispel, and Resurrect. Use Resurrect on your most powerful actives for that battle, and switch it out for Heal. Cast Heal on any allies who are approaching 0 health but have more tokens to spend. Cast Dispel quickly whenever you see an ally has been hit by an enemy with a status effect.

- Your class ability will heal stunned allies. If several actives are stunned in your gate, a successful attack (or defense) will give each of them just enough health to squeeze off one full strength attack.
- Your healing skills are limited by your tokens, so use them wisely on stronger actives who need the extra health to execute full strength attacks against the enemy.
- If you are still alive at the end of the battle (not likely), you can heal multiple defeated allies above 200 health to win a close battle.
- If enemies have a hard time beating you, keep yourself alive as long as possible. If enemies can easily beat you, try to heal the strongest active members in your guild (that need it) before you go down.

- Clerics are the most essential and loved class, but also the slowest to acquire guild coins because of their reliance on class skills. In easy battles don’t bother healing and attack enemies for 160-240 points a token.
- Fortitude is a waste of coins unless you have Shivak and use it on a very strong ally. Heal and Resurrect are better in every other scenario.


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