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*Originally written by avsquare and posted to the CA Forums
*Edited (a lot) by Vanray


1. Battle Strength Index
2. Attack/Defense Ratios
3. Equipment
4. SP Farming
5. FAQ

Battle Strength Index

BSI is an indicator of your battle strength based on your current level. The formula for this index "(attack + defense)/level" is widely used and accepted to evaluate one's PvP power based on his/her level, and used to compare him/her with their close level peers to see how they fare in the battlefield.

For yourself to consider yourself adequate for PvP, I would say you would need a BSI of 3.0. Anything below that, you are just food to those who are PvP oriented, as simple as that. A BSI of at least 5.0 is necessary to really excel at PvP though. Now, let me discuss this indicator, and what the numbers mean.

The Beginner (BSI = 3.00 to 3.99) - Welcome to the PvP scene. This is where you start. At 3.0, you are a very mediocre PvP player, so don't expect much. At this ratio, you are only strong enough to fend off players who concentrate more on other areas of the game or who are a fraction of your level. These players are generally balanced builds and monster hunters. Power-levelers who are just beginning to focus on PvP can also have a BSI in this range. Unless you are a very high leveled power leveler, you will have trouble beating people at the higher ranks with this BSI.

The Intermediate (BSI = 4.0 to 5.49) - You have solid strength. You should be able to do well against most players under your level and about 50% of players within your level range. What you cannot handle are the "full-time" PvP players.

The Advanced (BSI = 5.50 to 6.99) - You have superior strength in PvP and should be able to beat most players around your level and practically everyone decently below your level. You are ready to have a shot at beating many people well above your level range too (within reason). I would assume that at this stage you know what you are doing and what you want from PvP. You should know who to hunt, who are your competitors and who are the top dogs around your range. You should be able to stand and fight on your own with ease.

The Hardcore (BSI = 7.00+) You are basically a monster within your level range. No one below your level will beat you and you should have no problem beating many players up to twice your level. However you are severely limiting your ability to slay monsters and quest compared to the lower BSI builds. It's the major trade-off for such massive PvP strength.

From time to time, you should use BSI to evaluate your strength against the general strength of your peers. Remember that it is relative to your level and you need not follow it to the T to be a top notch PvP player. At a very high level of 500+, you don't need a 5.0 BSI to win against most players. Being at the top levels means you can lower your BSI and invest your SPs on other aspects instead. For a level 600, having a BSI of just 3.33 is powerful enough. That could well mean 1,000 attack and 1,000 defense which is a challenge for most CA players.

Attack/Defense Ratios

Now that you know about BSI, you might wonder what kind of ratio you should go for? I'll discuss a few various ratios for your consideration, moving from the extreme offense to the extreme defense.

Cannon (all attack, 1 defense) - Assuming equal strength, the only players you can't beat are the "Walls" (pure defense). However, this isn't a big concern because Walls are rare, I'll tell you why later on. You deal massive damage on monsters too but defensively, you are going to suck. Even if you are a Cannon with a hardcore 7.0 BSI, in defensive duels your defense score will amount to 4.9x your level, basically a 4.9 BSI in defense. Because of this defensive weakness, this build is not viable in the long run. At high ranks it's difficult to get good battle points and if you continue to be a Cannon you will likely lose more than you gain.

Aggressor (4:1) - This build is for those who wish to be attack a lot but be able to defend well against the weak to moderate attacks. It's alright but suffers from the same lack of defense as a Cannon, just to a lesser degree.

Offensive (2:1) - This build is for those who plan to be offensive but at the same time, being balanced. Your attacking strength is 90% of your attack+defense and defensive strength is 80% of your attack+defense. Fairly balanced, I'd say.

Balanced (1:1) - You don't shine particularly well in offense or defense. Assuming equal strength, defensive builds will have difficulty attacking you and attack builds will have difficulty defending against you. A true jack of all trades, master of none.

Defensive (1:2) - opposite of the Offensive build, with the downside of weakening your strength a little versus monsters. You'll be pretty good at healing the party in certain monster battles, and can therefore make a lot of friends quickly.

Tank (1:4) - opposite of the Aggressor. It will take a little longer to rise in PvP rank than more aggressive or balanced builds, but Tanks are pretty good in the long-term because they can be difficult to beat and will hold on to their battle points better than other builds. Low attack is a significant handicap when dealing damage to monsters but you will be very much loved in monster battles with party health for your superior healing ability. Just make sure you have lots of energy to take advantage of it. One area of concern with Tanks is because you can't deal that much damage to monsters, you won't be able to farm equipment effectively. It's not a big deal for Duels or Guild battles, but this can hurt you quite a bit for Invasions.

Wall (1 Attack, ALL Defense) - opposite of a Cannon. Terrible damage versus monsters, but incredible party healing ability. It's unpopular (and not recommended) because the problems with Tanks become exacerbated. Your invasion army won't be that good and you might even have a lot of trouble getting good equipment for duels.

Based on offensive strength, defensive strength, equipment farming from monster battles, ability to retaliate, AND ability to reach the top PvP ranks, here is my (Vanray's) overall comparative ranking of each attack/defense ratio. Castle Age generally favors balanced players because of the wealth of options available to you to improve your character. Being great in one area will likely severely handicap you in another. Of course this means that depending on what you want to focus on (also your guild class), this ranking may not necessarily apply to you.
1) Offensive
2) Balanced
3) Defensive
4) Aggressor
5) Tank
6) Cannon
Not recommended - Wall


Obviously get the best equipment that you can for your level. By that I mean don't expect to get legendary drops from ANY monsters if you're below level 150. The Helm of Dragon Power and Atlantean Forcefield are two reasonably easy items to get and should be your first priorities. Also get either the Sword of Redemption (recommended) by praying 4500 points to Azeron or the the Moonfall Amulet (less recommended but still great) by praying 4500 points to Aurora.

Click here to go to the Equipment List

Skill Point Farming

Ok so now you may wonder how you get all the SP’s to build a high BSI build without compromising too much in the stam/energy department? Easy! Farm the easiest SPs!

You can start the game with a pretty balanced build, because you need to keep leveling quickly but you also need attack and defense to get a lot of money from PvP. Once you have enough income from land where PvP doesn’t matter that much, focus completely on energy and stamina. Energy takes priority because it will allow you to level faster and get more SP’s from competing quests, but stamina helps you get good equipment from monsters- also important for PvP.

(FACEBOOK PLAYERS - pray to each of the Demi gods to unlock the first 2 or 3 demi quests. Complete all of these to 4 stars for easy SP.)

For iOS players (and Facebook players after they unlock the first 2-3 demi quests for everyone, pray to Azeron and pray to him until you reach at least 4500 points and get the Sword of Redemption. It’s one of the best shields in the game, and the extra stamina points will help you level a bit quicker.

From here, the Land of Fire is very easy to complete to 4 stars and will give you a good amount of SP for doing so. Land of Earth is a bit harder but also pretty easy. Some of the quests on Land of Water are easy to complete to 4 stars but others will take a while. In general the questing realms require more energy to fully complete as you advance in the game.

(FACEBOOK PLAYERS - after completing Land of Fire, finishing all of the Demi quests as you unlock them will get you a lot of SP. Just like with the realms, Demi quests take longer to complete as you advance further but all of them will be easier than completing many of the Land of Earth quests.)

Let's not forget about achievements. For battle achievements, get 10SP for doing 100 invasions and 100 duel wins. Next you should really try to get a 501 army. With this, and a fair amount of decent soldiers, you can invade players with small armies. After 5,000 invasion wins, you’ll get 15SP!

For Monster achievements, kill Hydras and Dragons first. Get yourself a Dragon Helm on the way, and the Hydra heads, the Hellkite Minion and Hellslayer Knights for your army. Killing 10 of each will get you 10SP achievements. After this, monster achievements get a little harder, but you can look at the list of achievements yourself and decide which ones to go for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I always lose in duels?
A: You either have a low BSI, weak equipment, or some combination of both. Attack/defense ratios play a small part too but they aren’t as big a deal as BSI and equipment.

Q: Why do I lose in invasions?
A: You need at least 501 army members to be able to use 501 soldiers, 501 equipment, and up to 125 generals. Once you have all of these army members you need to get better soldiers, equipment, and generals to take advantage of it. Attack, defense, and generals’ stats count towards invasion strength but because your army is so massive they aren’t that big of a deal here.

Q: Why do I lose when my equipment is superior?
A: They have higher stats than you. There is also a random component that allows players close to each other in strength to sometimes win and sometimes lose. If one player’s attacking strength is exactly equal to an enemy’s defensive strength, the attacking player will win 50% of the time.

Q: How much stamina and energy should I get if I want to really focus on PvP?
A: For most players, I recommend 300 energy/300 stamina since you recharge 288 over a 24 hour period of time. If you know you’ll be logging in multiple times a day nearly every day, you should go with the lowest energy/stamina that you can allow to recharge, rounded up a little to give yourself some leeway. Log in at least every 12 hours? Get 150 energy/150 stamina.

Q: Who can I attack, and who can attack me?
A: There is a level range +/- your level that increases as you level up. By the time you reach lv300 (PvP builds only get to this point after a VERY long time), you’ll pretty much be able to attack anyone in the game.

Q: Do you have any stats advice?
A: Yes. Read this guide, other stats guides, and build your stats however you want after you know what each does and what you want to do in the game.

Q: Why does a player attack me, but when I try to get revenge the game says his health is too low?
A: He may have been chained by another player. When you have less than 10 health, you can’t be attacked by anyone unless you’re logged in. There’s also a tactic called “hiding.” When you log off with less than 10 health, no one can attack you until you log back in.

Concluding Remarks

Serious PvP builds are only recommended for players who are very serious about PvP. Unless you're already at a high level (level 150 or higher) I definitely do NOT recommend becoming a big PvP guy because the compromises you'll have to make in leveling speed will severely handicap your ability to continue improving. A lv100 guy with a 7.0 BSI will be hilariously overpowered compared to everyone under lv150, but it would likely take him a few extra months to reach level 200. Forget about reaching level 300. Without leveling up, beating new monsters, and unlocking new content, the game will get rather boring for 99% of players.

That said, new content currently stops after level 400 but most is unlocked by the time you reach lv200. Feel free to concentrate all you want on BSI after lv300 without any real fear of missing out on too much!


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