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Post  Vanray on Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:57 pm

Monsters are essential to increasing your strength. Questing gives you more experience and thus increases your level quicker, but monsters give you some great loot and thus better equipment. Good equipment will increase your strength relative to your level and of course give you a much better invasion army.


To maximize your efficiency when fighting monsters, try to fight monsters that you can easily earn the best loot from. A good rule of thumb is you should aim at fighting monsters 20-30 levels after you’re able to summon them. Fighting very strong monsters can get you better loot, but not necessarily better loot for your stamina. For example, a Corvintheus might get you “The Reckoning,” a 40/28 weapon, but with that stamina you could also fight 3-4 Genesis and get roughly twice as many Genesis Swords (20/30) as you would Reckonings for your efforts.

You need a certain amount of damage to earn the best rewards. The sweet spot for earning more loot for stamina seems to be doing between 2 and 3 times the minimum damage needed for the achievements. That said, many players are going to have to do more damage to beat the monster quickly and if you want to get a legendary drop, it appears to be best to do as much damage as possible.

1-Bar and 2-Bar Monsters

1 bar monsters = one monster health bar that must be depleted with attacks, very straightforward

2 bar monsters = one monster health bar that must be depleted with attacks and a second one for party health that must be healed to attack, healing uses energy and depends on your defense stat, higher party health allows more damage against the monster
*Skaar Deathrune and Ragnarok have a second bar for a monster shield instead of party health. Dispelling it still uses energy and your defense stat, but it blocks a portion of the damage you do. The higher the shield bar, the less damage you do.

Epic/Legenday Drops

Epic drops are rare items from monsters that require a lot of damage to recieve. Some players have figured out the minimum damage required to get a 100% chance of getting one. Exceeding this can give you a chance to get two or more if you’re lucky. See the CA Wikia or Monster Loot Spreadsheet for these figures.

Legendary drops are extremely rare loot that only have 100% chance of dropping after absurdly high point totals against monsters. More likely, you’ll get a 10% to 30% chance of getting one each time you invest a lot of effort a monster. Some players have been able to estimate the drop rates and you can find this info in the CA Wikia or Monster Loot Spreadsheet.


Best Monster Generals Our in-house guide on what generals to use for monsters. It's not absolute since comparing many monster generals are like apples and oranges, but it will at least get you thinking.

Wikia Pages The Castle Age Wikia has some great information on all of the monsters and how to defeat them. Checking here first will tell you most of what you need to know about fighting them and the loot you’ll recieve.

Loot Data This is a massive spreadsheet that players have contributed their data too. Its very handy because it gives you the percentages that certain loot will drop.

Divine Armor The CA Wikia has a great guide on building up divine armor. While you can go right ahead and attack the strongest divine monsters, you will be wasting a good chunk of your stamina trying to pierce his armor and probably not get as good loot. As tough as it can be, you should be patient and slowly build up your divine piercing before you take on tougher monsters.

Resistances - coming soon(ish)


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