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Post  Vanray on Sat Jun 16, 2012 10:23 pm

It's very tough to compare generals for monster killing because the developers don't tell us anything about how the game works, and players have found this particular nut very difficult to crack. Take Vanquish and Zarevok for example (the two best free monster killing generals). Zarevok has lower stats and gives a +20 "monster attack" bonus. Vanquish has higher stats and +20 attack but takes away from defense. So which is better? Oddly enough, Zarevok is better against Keira, Sylvanas, and Dragons. Vanquish is better against everyone else. Even more puzzling is the fact that Araxis is better than both of them against Mephistopheles.

Basically, you shouldn't take this guide literally. You'll have to play around yourself with what generals are better for taking down monsters... and it will likely change from monster to monster. It might take a long time to properly compare attack bonuses to critical hit chance bonuses (Malekus vs Slayer?) so I'd recommend just getting Dolomar and/or Maalvus and not worrying about it.

For simplicity's sake, I haven't included any physical pierce or elemental attack generals. You should look at using them when appropriate (only the very highest level monsters have these resistances at the moment). Agamemnon and other powerful monster slayers might still be better, but you should test it out or try a google search.

Most of these will be re-listed in separate categories below, but I’m making this list to simplify things a little. Some of the best attacking generals will be better than the critical hit bonus generals, but this list will be fairly accurate once you have stats in the high triple digits.

1. Banthus Archfiend (1 attack every 12 hours)
2. Miri Bladebourne (1 attack every 4 hours)
3. Agamemnon
4. Dolomar
5. Lotus Ravenmoore
6. Maalvus
7. Evalice (with high defense)
8. Xira (with high defense)
9. Jahanna (with high health)
10. Aurora (with high health)


These generals increase your attack, but only when fighting monsters. As a result, they won’t be very high in the “Attacking Generals Guide” (if they’re on there at all). Agamemnon is awesome, especially because he has a critical hit bonus too. With the others, you may have to test them out yourself against what would normally be your strongest attacking general(s).

Agamemnon - 35/28, +30 attack against monsters, +3% critical chance (Ascension Chest, 1.25%)

Feral - 21/25, +28 attack against monsters (Conquest Chest, 4.58%)

Therian - 23/17, +25 attack against monsters (Oracle)

Zarevok - 6/5 - +20 attack against monsters (Land of Earth, 25000 gold)


Normally, there is a 10% chance you will get a critical hit. Each time you get a critical hit, there’s a 50% chance you’ll do 2x damage and a 50% chance you’ll do 3x damage. Based on this, every +1% critical bonus increases your total monster damage by 1.5%. All of these generals start off weaker than static attack increase generals

***Banthus Archfiend - 24/24, +50% critical chance on next attack, 12 hour cooldown (Oblivion Chest, 1.25%)

***Miri Bladebourne - 19/21, +10% critical chance on next attack, 4 hour cooldown (Oblivion Chest, 3.75%)

Dolomar - 22/18, +5% critical hit chance (Oracle)

Lotus Ravenmoore - 26/19, +4% critical chance (Vanguard Chest, 1.25%)

Charlotte - 25/27, +4% critical chance against monsters (Conquest Chest, 3.75%)

Agamemnon - 35/28, +30 attack against monsters, +3% critical chance (Ascension Chest, 1.25%)

Maalvus - 23/18, power attacks x3, +3% critical hit

Slayer - 19/18, +3% critical hit chance

Lothar the Ranger - 20/16, +2% critical chance (Vanguard Chest, 2.5%)

Vorenus - 17/17, +2% critical chance (Vanguard Chest, 3.75%)


These generals have interesting abilities that multiply your stamina spent, but also multiply your damage, experience, and gold earned by the same amount. This doesn’t just apply to damaging, but also allows you to heal/fortify/dispel 2-bar monsters for an increased amount too. By itself, this does NOT increase your damage per stamina against monsters. There are three instances in which these abilities are quite useful though. 1) Burning through lots of stamina quickly, 2) making 2-bar monsters easier (for your 3x or 5x attack the monster only attacks the party 1x), and 3) getting rid of extra stamina that would’ve been wasted when you level up.

Orc King - 22/22, power attacks use 5x stamina and do 5x damage, fortifying uses 5x energy and heal 5x health (Alpha Chest, 1.25%)

Maalvus - 23/18, power attacks x3, +3% critical hit

Barbarus - 21/18, power attacks use 3x stamina for 3x damage


I’m not going to bother listing them here... just look at the “Best Generals for Defending” guide. That will more or less give you who you should use. Please note however, that attack is much less important for this so generals like Dante become more useful. Also the defense bonuses of Celesta, Sylvanas, and Reinhardt don’t come into play since it’s not pvp.


Stone Guardian (Colossus) - 20/22, +10% siege weapon damage (Alpha Chest, 1.25%)
In order for his ability to work, he needs to be equipped by the summoner when the siege weapon is launched. If this is successfully pulled off, he can add a decent amount of damage to monsters without spending any stamina. Unfortunately, he doesn’t contribute to the point totals of the summoner and therefore doesn’t help you get better loot.

Caine - 22/23, +3% damage for 400k gold per stamina spent
Do not get this general. Not only do you need a lot of gold to purchase items for quests and buy more land, but the +3% damage increase is pitiful. Any general with more than a +2% critical hit bonus will outdamage Caine in the long run. Dolomar is far better as an Oracle general, and available sooner.


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