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Post  Admin on Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:32 am

This class is the backbone of any strong guild. Their strength lies not in hurting the enemy, but rather in enabling their allies of the other 3 classes to continue doing serious damage. They heal, remove status effects, and can revive stunned allies. They are also the natural foil for the Mage’s dangerous abilities. Some guilds have been very successful using 100% clerics, but a 25-45% cleric guild would likely be much more effective. Defeating enemies is not as important but staying alive for as long as possible is, so this class is recommended for walls (attack value is less than 50% of defense value) and defensive-oriented (attack is 50-70% of defense) players.

Special Ability:
Level 1 = +10 health to allies in their gate on a defensive victory
Level 2 = +10 health to allies in their gate on a defensive victory
Level 3 = +10 health to allies in their gate on offensive OR defensive victory
Level 4 = +10 health to allies in their gate on offensive OR defensive victory, able to equip 2 skills
Level 5 = +10 health to allies in same tower on offensive OR defensive victory, able to equip 3 skills

Skill: Heal (lv1- 1250 coins, lv2- 5000 coins, lv3- 10000 coins)
Using this skill on an ally at lv1 heals him for between +70 and +130 health. Lv2 heals for between +80 and +150. Lv3 heals for between +100 and +175. This is the basic cleric skill and for better or for worse, using it will automatically make you a high-priority target for the enemy guild. It cannot be used once defeated, nor does it work on a defeated ally.

Skill: Dispel (5000 coins)
Using this skill removes Polymorph/Confuse/Poison/Wound and gives +20 health to an ally. It cannot be used when defeated, nor can it be used on allies.

Skill: Fortitude (5000 coins)
Using this skill on an ally increases their maximum health by between +40 and +100. It also restores the same amount of HP by which the max was raised. It cannot be used while stunned, nor can it be used on stunned allies.

Skill: Resurrect (7500 coins)
This skill restores a stunned ally to 250 health. This is a little misleading, as you cannot actually cast this on an ally who is already stunned. Instead, you have to cast it while the ally is still alive. Then, if he is stunned later, he is resurrected. While the most expensive Cleric skill, this is the most useful. It heals more health than Heal, but characters only have to be reduced to below 200 health to count as defeated which at 250 health would take just one attack from any enemy, win or lose. The incredible power of this skill is its ability to give an ally 4-5 more full strength attacks (losing 60 health per attack) before returning to a stunned state. Used 10 times on 10 active and powerful allies, this skill could indirectly cause the demise of 5-8 extra enemies and completely turn the tide of a battle.

Strategy Using the Cleric

Too many players have the mindset that the Cleric is strictly for healing. This is mostly because of the way in which the class and its skills are presented, but also because of traditional notions of healing classes in other RPG’s. In order to keep the game balanced though, the developers make it so that Clerics kinda suck at healing. Even with lv3 Heal (total cost 16250 guild coins!!!), a basic level 3 rogue with Evade could outdamage their healing power token for token. What’s the point then you ask? As I’ve already kinda said, the Cleric’s strength is in allowing the other classes to continue doing what they do best. With Cleric support, Warriors can continue doing epic damage to multiple targets, Rogues can continue doing insane damage to single targets, and Mages can continue tripping up the more dangerous enemies. In fact, their passive ability is extremely useful for doing just that. Theoretically, as long as a cleric stayed above 0 health, his ability could allow all stunned players in his tower to continue attacking at full strength (if he gets a victory every 5 minutes and heals his tower for +10, his tower could use that health to inflict a full damage attack).

If you have Resurrect, you should definitely begin the battle by casting it on the strongest actives in your guild. Save a few tokens for Dispel if anyone gets hit with a status effect or Resurrect again if one your more powerful allies’ health drops below 200. Heal is inferior to Resurrect, but still a good skill. The best time to use heal is when a (strong) ally has a good amount of tokens but a small amount of health and would stun himself if he tried to use all of them at once. When you heal him, he should be able to get an extra couple attacks in at full strength. If you think about it, this means he does twice the damage on two attacks. When you factor in class skills and abilities, a cleric is doubling the potency of an ally for two turns, at the cost of only one of his own tokens. Healing high BSI allies of any level can also be quite beneficial because they are so difficult for enemies to sometimes take down.

While Heal can be of great use, leveling the Cleric to lv3 can also be useful (so that you heal your tower on offensive victories in addition to defensive ones). If one healthy cleric joins the battle late, he can attack 10 enemies to heal 100 health to everyone in his tower, for up to 2500 total healing power! Therefore, it’s OK to skip heal and go straight for Dispel or Resurrection. Remember though that your ability's healing power is spread out across your tower and won't be as great as concentrated healing on active allies. Either way, Heal should be one of your first two skills. Heal, Resurrect and Dispel are all great and you should try to get them as soon as possible. You can skip Fortitude entirely unless you plan to get Shivak too. In this case, Fortitude is roughly equivalent to Heal and should only be used on active allies who are strong for their level but have weaker than normal maximum health. Without Shivak and used on anyone else, Fortitude is a less effective use of your tokens than Heal or Resurrect. Buy Fortitude as your 4th skill if you really want it. Otherwise get Heal lv2 and then Heal lv3.

Best Cleric Generals

#1 - Kothas (Wrath Chest @ lv250, 1.25%)
Oh my overpowered. Not only does Kothas have an incredible 33 attack and 36 defense at lv4, his ability restores an additional 50 health with the Resurrect ability. This means when an enemy finally stuns a powerful ally, that ally is instantly revived for another 300 health! For one token, it is very hard to beat this ability with any other general in any other class. If the newly revived active is left alone, he can usually pop off another 5 attacks before being stunned again. Cast Resurrect again on him to really have some fun!

#2 (tie) - Tefaera (Oracle lv 350-359)
At level 4, she has 21 attack/26 defense and gives +25 health when resurrecting. She is really just a weaker version of Kothas, but still good for all the same reasons.

#2 (tie) - Elaida (Annihilator Chest @ lv150, 1.25%)
At lv4, she has 25 attack/28 defense and she increases the power of heal by +25. This means lv1 Heal now restores +95 to +155 health. Now we’re talking! With Elaida, Heal goes from being only slightly useful to quite useful. Why? The average amount healed jumps from +100 to +125, which gives a skill with only a slight advantage over normal attacking a much larger one. Elaida and Tefaera have the same +25 bonus, just to different skills. Heal and Resurrect are both more or less useful depending on the situation and its impossible to absolutely rank one above the other.

#3 - Sanna (Oracle, probably somewhere between lv 150 and 199)
At lv4, she has 20 attack/21 defense, and increases the healing of the Cleric’s passive ability by 4. This means for every defensive victory (and offensive victory after lv3), you heal your allies at your gate for 14 health instead of 10. When you space out your tokens this does next to nothing, but when you use 10 tokens all at once, that’s 140 health to you and each of your 24 other allies... basically a “heal everyone” for 10 tokens, all while doing damage to the enemy! The reason I put her lower than Tefaera & Elaida is the Cleric ability requires fighting people (attacking or defending). As a Cleric your main job should be to heal, not to engage in combat.

#4 - Daphne (Oracle @ lv220-229)
17 attack/23 defense at lv4, with a special ability that blocks 20 damage when defending in guild battles and reflects it back to the attacker. Yes Daphne is awesome and no she is not limited to the Cleric class. She's an excellent general when defending for ANY class, but makes the top Cleric generals list because she's so essential to this class. No one with half an ounce of intelligence will repeatedly suicide a cleric, so Sanna's passive ability boost isn't too useful when defending. Daphne meanwhile reduces the damage you take and reflects it back to the attacker whether you win or lose, keeping you alive a little longer and giving the cleric some extra punch while defending.

#5 - Shivak (Oracle at lv270-279)
At lv 4, he has 19 attack and 23 defense, with the ability of increasing the effectiveness of Fortiude by +60%. This means Fortitude now heals and increases max health by 64-160, giving it a slightly erratic result but putting it clearly on par with Heal and making it a skill worth using.

Optimal Cleric General Use:
Use Kothas/Tafaera when casting Resurrect. Use Elaida when using Heal. Have Sanna equipped when attacking. Equip Daphne when defending or using Dispel (Dispel isn't affected by any generals and using it will make you a bigger target for the enemy guild).

Don't Bother With...

Like Warriors, all Cleric generals have some use. Of course don't get Shivak if you are skipping Fortitude, but again if you want to use Fortitude he's essential.

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Advanced Cleric Guide Empty Re: Advanced Cleric Guide

Post  Vanray on Tue May 08, 2012 12:34 am

I edited this Guide so that it now reflects the following:
- Fortitude is the least useful skill and can be skipped but it does have some use. I originally said that you should get it before heal- that’s ridiculous.
- I think Elaida is better than Sanna and on par with Tefaera.
- I added Daphne to the best generals list because she’s essential for Clerics.
- Following what I did with other class guides, I added the “Optimal Cleric General Use” and “Don’t Bother With...” sections

This was my second guide I wrote and didn’t really know everything that I now know about all four classes and guild battles. Sorry for the initial mistakes.


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