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Post  Admin on Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:02 am

The warrior is the best class for dealing raw damage, but the most difficult to use effectively. For one thing you need Whirlwind lv1, Shout, and Confidence to really surpass the Rogue, which costs 10250 coins total. Secondly, you must be able to defeat most people around your level because of the way Confidence works. Without Confidence, Rogues are better. Balanced (attack is 70-150% of defense) and attack-focused (attack is 150-200% of defense) players are best suited for warrior.

Special Ability
Level 1 = +3 attack, +3 defense
Level 2 = +6 attack, +6 defense
Level 3 = +10 attack, +10 defense
Level 4 = +10 attack, +10 defense, able to equip 2 skills
Level 5 = +10 attack, +10 defense, able to equip 3 skills

Skill: Whirlwind (lv1- 1250 coins, lv2- 5000 coins, lv3- 10000 coins)
Using this skill at lv1 does 80% damage to the target enemy, plus an additional 64% damage to the 1-2 enemies adjacent to the target (the description is a little misleading because the “+80% damage” is really 80% of the already-reduced damage to the main target). Lv2 still does 80% damage to the primary target, but increases the damage done to adjacent enemies to 67%. Lv3 increases it further to 69%. Its success its determined just like a normal attack to the primary target only. The splash damage to adjacent enemies is never blocked by Mana Shield, Sentinel, or Evade. You can successfully use whirlwind while polymorphed or poisoned without these statuses affecting you (but you will still have them on you). You cannot use whirlwind when stunned.

Skill: Shout (4000 coins)
One offensive victory against an enemy while this skill is equipped will give you a +16 damage bonus and the 1-2 allies on either side of you a +9 damage bonus for the rest of the guild battle (both offensively and defensively). This cannot be stacked but the bonus still applies if you unequip shout. Rogues cannot evade the bonus damage from this skill. The bonus also still applies if you or your allies are stunned.

Skill: Confidence (5000 coins)
Each victory against an enemy (attacking or defending) with this skill equipped gives you a +10 damage bonus. Unlike Shout, Confidence bonus damage stacks on successive wins up to +50 total. Also unlike Shout, the bonus will go away if you unequip Confidence. While this can make Warriors quite powerful, each defeat (attacking or defending) will reduce your Confidence bonus damage by -10. Being hit by any skill (Poison, Polymorph, Sentinel, etc... including all the cleric skills!) will also reduce bonus damage by -10. Warriors with Confidence who want to be healed should therefore alternate being healed with successful attacks on an enemy if they want to keep doing maximum damage. Rogues cannot evade bonus damage from this skill. The bonus is still applied when you are stunned, but only on a victory.

Skill: Guardian (7500 coins)
Using this skill on an ally transfers the next 200 damage they recieve from them to you, resisting 15 damage from each attack in the process. This is only for normal attacks, offensive or defensive, win or lose (any damage from skills does not transfer). The protected ally’s Resistance skill will reduce the damage, but your own Resistance skill will not. If you are stunned while still protecting an ally, Guardian stops working.

Strategy Using Warrior

You should start every battle with Shout if you have it. It’s effect helps more if you are situated between two active attack-oriented allies. After using Shout unequip it to make room for another class skill or Resistance. Your second prioity should be raising your Confidence (if you have it) bonus damage to the max. With this done, now you can whirlwind the shit out of the enemy guild. Shout and Confidence together give you +66 damage to your standard attack, which means you will be whirlwinding your target for 160-170 damage and the adjacent enemies for 125-135 for a whopping total of 400-440 damage per token. To take full advantage of this you need to keep Confidence damage maxed out and only attack groups of 3 enemies in which all have more than 200 health. You can also use Whirlwind to whittle down the health of very powerful and pesky enemies. If you’re lv100 and whirlwind a lv30 guy sitting between two lv300 clerics, you can damage these clerics without actually fighting them (and without activating their +10 passive healing abilities)! The damage Whirlwind does to adjacent enemies also is never blocked by Mana Shield, Sentinel, or Evade. Whirlwind can also be used successfully while Polymorphed or Poisoned without these statuses triggering, but you will still have them on you. In short, use Whirlwind as often as you can. Just like any class you will be most effective by far when you are alive, but you should try to time it so that you are stunned with the full +50 Confidence bonus active. If you can pull this off, you will be doing about 130 (+16 from Shout) damage on each victory as a stunned player!

Guardian certainly takes a back seat to the other 3 abilities because it’s the most expensive and doesn’t help the warrior get any stronger. However it can be somewhat useful in certain situations. The allies to protect are naturally your guild’s strongest heavy hitters and healers. It’s only worth it if you meet 3 of these 4 requirements:
1) You are one of the weaker (lower half) members of your guild.
2) Your guild regularly faces guilds with members much stronger than you.
3) Your guild only has a few really strong members and they get taken out quickly most battles.
4) You have high health.

If 3 or 4 of these apply to you, Guardian might be useful. Imagine a high level enemy rogue trying to attack one of your high level clerics and finding he’s burning his tokens on you! That said, your tokens are going to be better spent using Whirlwind 97% of the time.

Get Whirlwind lv1 first, then Shout and Confidence. Whirlwind damages 3 enemies for a combined total of 208% of what you would normally dish out to one enemy, making it your best skill and arguably the best single skill in the game. Shout and Confidence, as previously stated, are still necessary to unlocking your true damage potential. Only after these 3 skills should you get Sentinel, but you may want to skip it completely and go for Whirlwind lv2 and Whirlwind lv3. Your call.

Best Warrior Generals

#1 - Ameron (Annihilator Chest @ lv150, 1.25% chance)
25 attack/28 defense at level 4, with a special ability that increases damage the adjacent enemies recieve when using Whirlwind by +15%. This means lv 1 whirlwind now does 80% damage to your primary target and 76% damage to adjacent targets. With Shout and maxed Confidence, this means you’re hitting the main target for roughly 160 damage and the adjacent enemies for about 150, with a total damage per token in the 450 range! This additional adjacent damage is especially useful in taking down those really tough enemies. As an Epic general, his stats are great too.

#2 - Meekah (Oracle general at lv280-289)
22 attack/21 defense at level 4, with a special ability that increases the Confidence damage cap from +50 to +90! That means after a Shout and 9 successful fights, your warrior will be doing +106 bonus damage even if stunned! Whirlwinding 3 healthy enemies at this point will get you around 500 damage per token. Why is he only #2 then? It takes a long time to charge up, and enemy guilds that know better will blast you to pieces the moment they see you’re using Meekah, sometimes before you can even get any Whirlwinds off. However if you can’t (or don’t want to bother trying to) get Ameron, he is a very acceptable alternative- just make sure your clerics keep you alive long enough to get a lot of utility out of him. Note that if you switch generals in the middle of the guild battle, the Confidence bonus damage will be immediately reduced back to +50.

#3 - Deianira (2500 guild coins in guild shop)
20 attack/17 defense at level 4, with the special ability of doing +20 extra damage per attack. This gives an extra +40 total damage when using Whirlwind, which certainly makes her an incredible choice. She is really only a very close 3rd behind Meekah because of her stats. Meekah doesn’t actually surpass her in damage until he reaches +80 or +90 Confidence damage (remember Confidence has a +50 cap normally, even with Deianira equipped).

#4 Oberon (Oracle General @ lv210-219)
18 attack/22 defense at level 4, with a special ability that increases your health by +25 when you're a warrior. This means 250 additional health in a guild battle. I really shouldn't have to explain how awesome this is. Just know that you have to have him equipped and the warrior class selected before the battle starts. Once the battle starts, his ability has done its thing and he's useless. Switch to another general.

#5 - Tyrant (Wrath Chest @ lv250, 1.25%)
At level 4, has 36 attack/32 defense. His ability allows you to protect an additional 100 health and resist an additional 10 damage when using Guardian. This brings the total effectiveness to 300 health protected and 25 damage resisted on each attack. Without Tyrant, Sentinel is a skill you can easily pass on. If you get Tyrant, this actually makes the skill pretty useful. Still, you shouldn't waste Sentinel on weak or inactive allies and Whirlwind is almost always a better use of your tokens. Unfortunately, the high level at which you can acquire him only makes him and his ability useful against ridiculously powerful guilds. His stats are very high though, which helps keep Confidence damage up.

#6 - Joan (Oracle general at lv340-349)
At level 4, Joan has 20 attack/25 defense so she’s not a bad Oracle general as far as stats go. Her ability allows you to protect an additional +50 health with Guardian and resist an extra 5 damage. Basically a weaker version of Tyrant. Only get if you are adamant about using Sentinel and haven't got Tyrant. Otherwise avoid her.

Optimal Warrior General Use:

Warrior generals are less straightforward than the generals of other classes. First, equip Oberon before the battle begins so you can get his health bonus. Once the battle starts, if your Confidence bonus is between +0 and +50, equip Deianira for attacking and Ameron for using Whirlwind. Once you get +50 Confidence, equipping Meekah will be required to exceed it. If your Confidence bonus is +80 or +90, Meekah will be better for attacking and using Whirlwind than either Deianira or Ameron. When your Confidence bonus is +50 or +60, Meekah will be weaker than Deianira or Ameron but you need to keep him equipped to increase the damage to +80 or +90. Confidence +70 is about the break-even point. Because Meekah can be difficult to use, it's entirely acceptable to skip him and just use Deianira and Ameron with your Confidence boost capped at +50.

Don't Bother With...

Unlike the other 3 classes, all Warrior generals have some use. However if you decide not to bother with Guardian, Tyrant and Joan are generals to skip.


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Advanced Warrior Guide Empty Re: Advanced Warrior Guide

Post  Vanray on Tue May 08, 2012 12:33 am

I edited this Guide so that it now reflects the following:
- Whirlwind can be evaded by the main target, but the splash damage from a successful use cannot.
- Guardian is less useful than I first made it seem. I also better explain how to use it. It’s not as useless as other classes’ abilities... just not very good.
- I originally left Oberon out. He’s a great Warrior general.
- Following what I did with other class guides, I added the “Optimal Warrior General Use” and “Don’t Bother With...” sections

This was my first guide I wrote and didn’t really know everything that I now know about all four classes and guild battles. Sorry for the initial mistakes.


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