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Which Class Should You Be? Empty Which Class Should You Be?

Post  Vanray on Mon May 07, 2012 9:51 pm

A very common question. Read the "Simplified Class Guide" to get basics on each class and choose whichever one appeals to you. Looked at individually, the classes are very balanced.

Now with that said, Warriors and Mages are less effective when you have too many of them. Having lots of Clerics and Rogues doesn't make them individually less effective, but you still need some Warriors and Mages for the whole guild to be most effective. Furthermore, Clerics are the best class for inactive members and are slightly more important (for allowing the other 3 classes to continue fighting). Putting all of this together...

How many of each class does a guild need?
Warrior - 10 to 20
Rogue - 25 to 35
Mage - 10 to 20
Cleric - 35 to 45

Choosing Two Classes
Focus on one class first, buying the "Essential Skills" listed in the class guide and leveling the class up to lv4 or lv5. Once you reach this point, you can still make your class stronger but it will be a lot of effort for only a little extra strength. Now you can start building a second class up if you want! If your guild really needs you though, you should still use your original class in battle until your second class is at least lv4 and has 2 class skills.

I recommend eventually choosing two classes because they add versatility to your character and make the game more fun. The problem is different classes need different attack/defense ratios to be most effective. With a high BSI these ratios don't matter as much so you should concentrate on BSI if you play multiple classes. Because it will take you a while just to make your first class really good, feel free to focus on leveling early on and use your first class's recommended att/def ratio. Eventually though you'll want to raise your BSI and adjust your att/def ratio so that when you start using your second class you'll be in good shape to do so.

Here are the recommended ratios for moonlighting as another class. Each classes' best recommended ratios are given too when matching it up with itself.

Warriors and Rogues are "attacking classes." Mages and Clerics are "supporting classes." Warriors can provide limited support (Shout, Sentinel) while Rogues have none. Mages have some extra attacking power (special ability) while Clerics have none. Generally though the division holds true, especially when you want to use the classes as they were intended and maximize their usefulness in each battle. You can mix any two classes and be pretty effective with high BSI but...

Vanray's Super Helpful Tip #12 - If you want to play two classes, choose between being an "attacker" (Warrior and Rogue) and being a "support guy" (Mage and Cleric).

First of all, leveling them unlocks a great Tier 2 class for monster battles (Ranger for attackers, Warlock for support guys). Secondly, their recommended attack/defense ratios match up fairly well (2:1 for attackers, 1:1 for supporters). Attack-focused players make poor Clerics. Defense-focused players make poor Rogues and so-so Warriors. Mage skills are best with high attack but their ability can work for defensive wins too, so they're the best class to match with the defense-oriented Cleric. Thirdly, you can get more guild coins. Warriors and Clerics will be using skills that give them 1.35 coins per token a majority of the time. Rogues and Mages will be attacking and using skills that give them between 1.6 and 2.4 coins per token. Attackers can (and should) start off as Rogues to earn way more guild coins than effective Warriors would. Supporters can (but maybe shouldn't) start off as Mages for the same reason. They maybe shouldn't because guilds always need plenty of clerics to do well in battle. Either way, both attackers and supporters can switch to their "coin farming class" if their guild drops a rank and they don't expect tough competition. They can also switch if the guild has more than enough Warriors and Clerics as it is.

Choosing Three Classes (Or Being All Four)
Basically, don't. The drawback to using two classes is it will take you twice as long to level them up to level 5, and roughly twice as long to earn the guild coins necessary to buy the skills to make each one great. For this reason you should focus on one class first and improve it to an acceptable level before you even think about starting to be a second class. Splitting your guild coins between three classes though will hurt both you and your guild for a very long time. Four classes is just ridiculous. It would take you a year of very active playing to make 3 classes pretty good... and these classes would all just be pretty good. To MAXIMIZE the effectiveness of TWO classes you'll need longer than a year... and at that point (high triple digit levels), the small difference between a pretty good class and a maxed out class DOES actually matter.


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