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Divine Power(dp) and Divine Armor(da) are new trends in Castle Age. The relationship between dp and da is simple: you need dp to counter monsters that have da. da in a nutshell blocks incoming damage by a %, reducing your effectiveness in pvm. In other words, you are not getting the best usage out of your precious stamina. To date, there are 14 monsters that utilize this system.

• Jahanna
• Agamemnon*
• Aurora
• Glacius
• Magmos
• Ambrosia
• Typhonus
• Malekus
• Alexandra*
• Alpha Kraken**
• Azeron
• Vermilion
• Kessaran
• Vorak

These monsters also happen to drop some of the best gear in the game. So how do we get dp? Unfortunately, the only way to get substantial dp is from attacking these monsters for materials(mats) to alchemize dp gear. Keep in mind that each piece of dp gear takes up a slot of your equipment, meaning you cannot stack 2 dp armors. One dp item per slot, although you do NOT have to have them equipped to utilize their dp.

Where to Start

So your first 2 pieces of dp can come from praying to demi gods. Each final reward grants an item with 10dp. While this may not seem like much, every bit helps. They only offer up 2 slots, armor and jewelry. Also keep in mind that it takes 6500 demi points or roughly 65 days to earn each without claiming bonus demi points from battle or pvm.

• Ambrosia – Tempest Plate
• Malekus – Juggernaut Medallion
• Corvintheus – Lionheart Seal
• Aurora – Moonfall Armor
• Azeron – Vengeance Armor

As you can see, you are limited to which 2 you should pick. Usually Azeron is a good choice since his stat benefit is worth quite a bit and you get SoR along the way. A word of caution for players looking into the future: do NOT pray to Malekus and Corvintheus for their dp jewelry. More on this later.
Another way to get dp is from certain epic generals. The Ascension, Wrath, Conquest and Phoenix chests’ epic generals have inherent dp, which means that when you get them, you automatically gain their dp without having to equip them as your active general to use their dp. There is one oracle general, Kanbe who comes with 20dp. This is a 100% chance to get 20dp, so if you buy him, it will be a good investment as the chest generals are all chance-based.

• Ascension – level 200
o Aurelius = 20dp
o Jahanna = 20dp
o Alyzia = 5dp
o Agamemnon = 20dp

• Wrath – level 250
o Esmeralda = 30dp
o Tyrant = 30dp
o Jaelle = 20dp
o Kothas = 30dp

• Conquest – level 300
o Amon = 45dp
o Isidra = 45dp
o Aegea = 45dp
o Axxon = 45dp

• Phoenix – level 350
o Ender = 50dp

• Oracle generals
o Kanbe = 20dp

The bulk of your dp items will come from alchemizing what da monsters drop. Your first hit should be Jahanna. Her da only blocks 10% of your incoming damage, which is almost negligible. You will need 80dp to cancel her da. For this reason, we start with her.

• Jahanna – Force of Nature(FoN) = 80dp
• 640 million hp/168 hours
o 11 million = 1 epic
o 19 million = 2 epics
o 35 million = 3 epics

FoN(35/50) is the best in slot(BiS) defense amulet coincidentally as well as an amulet with 80dp. It requires you to farm Jahanna for 18 Life Forces, each being an epic drop. Typically, you can expect to spend 1-3 months farming for Life Forces, depending on your stat allocation and how often you play. The note about NOT praying to Malekus and Corvintheus comes from alchemizing FoN, which will replace that slot’s dp, since both are amulets, they compete for the slot.
For second hits, Agamemnon* or Aurora will do. Only seriously attempt these 2 AFTER you have completed FoN. Agamemnon’s da blocks 30% of your incoming damage and 120dp is required to cancel it.

• Agamemnon – Aegis of Kings(AoK) = 120dp
• 650 million hp/192 hours
o 10 million = 1 epic
o 20 million = 2 epics
o 34 million = 3 epics

AoK(50/40) is 1 of 3 shields with dp. It’s good in that it replaces SoR as the offhand of choice for many players. It requires Aegis of the Tower, 15 Runes of Agamemnon and a Soul of Agamemnon to alchemize. There are pros and cons for AoK. First con, it is for fb users ONLY. Not only that, but only for fb users climbing the towers of transcendence. Secondly, it requires a summoner-only drop. The pros are that it is has 120dp and is better than the Aegis of Stone(AoS) in both stats and dp.
For iOS players or fb players who are not climbing the towers, the next logical choice is Aurora.

• Aurora – Heart of the Woods(HotW) = 120dp
• 640 million hp/168 hours
o 11 million = 1 epic
o 19.2 million = 2 epics
o 34 million = 3 epics

HotW(30/44) will be slotted for weapon dp. It’s a great defensive weapon, beating out the popular Lavaflow Cleaver for defense by 7.2 points(65 vs 57.Cool. It will take 18 runes of life from Aurora to craft this weapon, however it is worth the endeavor. There are only 3 weapons with dp as of now and the top tier weapon only offers 20dp more over HotW. The third weapon is not a great alternative and will be explained below. Aurora herself boasts da that will block 40% of your damage. 160dp is needed to cancel it. Something that is unique to this monster is that there is a dark rage system that when activated, will add 40dp in addition to a 20% bonus to your next attacks within 60 minutes of activation. Dark rage requires the use of 200 stamina in attacks to be eligible for activation.
Next in line are 4 elemental giants. They are Kromash, Shardros, Glacius and Magmos. These 4 elementals offer a variety of dp items that you can craft. Unfortunately, not all are of real use. Each giant drops mats that are needed from all 4 to craft each piece of equipment.

 Hammer of Storms(HoS) = 40dp
o 10 storm essences
o 6 mountain cores
o 5 hearts of ice
o 5 lava flasks

Hos(36/32) is a weapon in conflict with HotW and Living Death. It is advised that you stay away from crafting this item as detailed below.
**see Glacius and Magmos

 Glacial Plate = 40dp
o 8 storm essences
o 6 mountain cores
o 12 hearts of ice
o 8 lava flasks

Glacial Plate(33/33) is going to be your first decent dp armor after the demi gods’ reward armors. While it is vastly weaker in comparison to the final 2 dp armors, Glacial Plates’ stats and necessary dp make it a worthwhile choice to go after.

 Lava Inferno = 40dp
o 4 storm essences
o 6 mountain cores
o 10 hearts of ice
o 11 lava flasks

Lava Inferno(35/19) is the final dp equipment that the giants offer. It is 1 of 3 types of magic that offers dp, so it is a great choice when choosing which dp items to chase. Not only that, but it is a component in a further upgradeable magic that offers even more dp(70dp). The only downfall is that it requires a huge amount of energy for excavation and so far, only fb users have access to this feature. In the meantime, both iOS and fb players can acquire this and later on try for Whirlpool.

• Kromash
• 50 million hp/168 hours
o 1 million = 1 epic
o 2 million = 2 epics
o 3 million = 3 epics

This fellow right here is usually your first class monster encounter. As such, he is pretty easily beaten. In fact, he is so popular that any public Kromash is normally slain within 2-8 hours of being made public, regardless of how much hp or time is left. He has no da to speak of. In other words, it’s best to summon one yourself, drop 3 million in activity and make it public, or if you can drop enough activity on a public Kromash in the small window it is alive, try it out. It is not surprising to find enough storm essences in 1-2 days to make all 3 giants’ dp items.

• Shardros
• 180 million hp/168 hours
o 2.8 million = 1 epic
o 5.2 million = 2 epics
o 9.3 million = 3 epics

Shardros, like Kromash, has no da and is easily dispatched. A public Shardros rarely lives past 12-24 hours. A word of advice, if you have friends or guild mates that can summon Shardros, it is better to hunt privately until you can confidently land 5.2-9.3 million activity on a public Shardros. It is not difficult, but there can be occasions where you won’t be able to reach 5.2 million before he is slain publicly.

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