Castle Age Facebook (FB) vs Castle Age HD (iOS)

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Castle Age Facebook (FB) vs Castle Age HD (iOS) Empty Castle Age Facebook (FB) vs Castle Age HD (iOS)

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Here's a list of everything you can do in each version. From this, you may be able to surmise that Facebook is far superior to iOS for its feature set. You CAN get the best of both worlds by creating a Facebook character and logging into it on Castle Age HD, switching between the two platforms to do whatever you need. However, iOS-created characters are not able to log into Facebook. However, the developers are going to eventually fix these imbalances.

Castle Age FBCastle Age iOS
- Demi Quests
- Atlantis
- Obtain several extra generals
- Questing drops items
- Epic quests are available in each land
- Can summon & fight "Raid" Monster Battles
- Can summon & fight Guild Monster Battles
- FB League Guild Battles
- FB League Guild Festival Battles
- FB League Guild Conquest
- MUCH better interface
- +10% bonus for FP purchases
- Celesta's Daily Slots
- iOS League Guild Battles
- Battle timer does not add 24 hours when you reset it, allowing 4x battles a day
- Guild Monster List for organized attacks against monsters
- Creates guilds that compete in iOS League Battles

Guild Monsters
These are monsters that are summoned by guild members spending stamina. The fights happen like normal guild battles, except they are against NPC's and have one big boss, sometimes several smaller bosses. These monsters are:
- Giant Arachnid
- Vincent
- Alpha Vincent
- Army of the Apocalypse

FB Guild League vs. iOS Guild League
ALL guilds are in the "Facebook League" and ranked normally according to wins and rank. FB-created guilds can compete against other guilds in a 5-hour normal battle, a 1-hour Festival battle, or a Guild Conquest battle. iOS-created guilds compete against each other in 2-hour normal battles and when viewed in Castle Age HD are ranked only against other iOS guilds. FB accounts can join iOS guilds and initiate the 5-hour battles, 1-hour Festival battles, and Guild Conquest battles specific to FB league, but iOS-created accounts cannot partake in these battles. iOS accounts cannot join FB guilds.

I suspect that once the iOS guilds are of a suitable strength, they will eliminate the iOS league and iOS guilds will compete against FB guilds in the normal battling system. If that were to happen right now, we would be a weak Platinum rank guild.

Generals only available to FB players:
Darius - having a large army?
Kilgore - alchemy from gifts
Sephora - 25 FP or 25 friends respond to your request for him
Valiant - 25 FP or 25 friends respond to your request for him
Arielle - rescue 10 princesses in the Land of Mist epic quest, Kingdom of Mist
Nautica - buy for $150million when Atlantis is unlocked
Chase - alchemy from Deathrune Siege rewards (It's a Raid, not a normal monster battle)
Cartigan - alchemy from Underworld questing item drops
Vincent - alchemy from Vincent and Alpha Vincent monster drops
Excelsior - buy in War Shop with Guild Conquest loot


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