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Vanguard Guild Rules and Policies Empty Vanguard Guild Rules and Policies

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:25 am

Guild Rules
1. Be helpful
2. Participate in guild warfare
3. Don't annoy other guild members

Battle Times
6am, 12pm, 6pm, & 12am US Eastern time. These are non-negotiable as they are the only choices CA give us. Not every guild does all 4, but we believe in giving members every opportunity to earn guild coins to make themselves (and through them, the guild) stronger, even if it means losing more battles. Besides, guilds are ranked by the amount of battles they've won regardless of the battles they've lost. It's a win-win.

Booting Members
We understand everyone lives in different timezones around the world and has vastly different schedules and commitments. We will never require you to do x amount of battles or fight y amount of monsters, just be active in one way or another. The GM will regularly boot the weakest and least active members from the clan roster to make room for new recruits. There's no hard feelings, we just gotta make room for people who are going to be more involved!

Vanguard Elite is our premier battling guild so participation requirements will be a little stricter. Again, there's no minimum requirement. If you are one of the least active members but still show up to a few battles, you will likely be asked to transfer to Vanguard United. If in the future you're ready to participate more, you can easily step back up to VE!

Vanguard United - Our more relaxed Alpha guild, but don't take this as a free ticket to slack off. You will still be required to participate in some battles! Here, your monster point total will be scrutinized more, as it is a good indicator of how active you really are.

Leaving and Joining Another Guild
Sure! If you have been active with us for more than a few days, have a decent reason for leaving, and leave on a positive note, we will definitely be willing to take you back whenever. Otherwise, we may not care if you want back in.


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