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Post  Admin on Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:47 am

You can buy a general at the Oracle for 30FP. You can also buy their associated equipment for 25FP but this is generally not recommended and considered a waste (relative to other things you can spend FP on). The general you can buy directly from the Oracle changes depending on your level. A new general is released every 2-4 weeks, hence they are sometimes called "Monthly Generals." In Facebook CA, you can buy any general at any time by clicking a "direct buy link." Use Google to find them, but know that clicking one of those links will purchase the general without any confirmation or chance of a refund. The developers have said they are going to create a store that allows you to buy all of them on iOS, eventually integrating it into Facebook too.


Here is the most complete list of what generals are available and at what levels. While I believe this is reasonably accurate, it might not be correct for a few generals.

1-29 Aria
30-39 Lyra
40-49 Slayer
50-59 Lailah
60-69 Fenris
70-79 Scarlett
80-89 Barbarus
90-99 Kataan
100-109 Suri
110-119 Solara
120-129 Zin
130-139 Elora
140-149 Azul
150-159 Gawain
160-169 Crissana
170-179 Sanna
180-189 Deshara
190-199 Therian
200-209 Dolomar
210-219 Oberon
220-229 Daphne
230-239 Maalvus
240-249 Tyxeros
250-259 Aethyx
260-269 Syren
270-279 Shivak
280-289 Meekah
290-299 Anya
300-309 Alexandria
310-319 Caine
320-329 Ephraline
330-339 Rafaria
340-349 Joan
350-359 Tefaera
360-369 Xelia
370-379 Aesir
380-389 Vanir
390-399 Frost
400-409 Feredir
410-419 Enyrnion
420-429 Kanbe
430-439 Zolthar

Which to Buy?

Now that you know when each is available, which ones are worth it and which ones aren't? I'll organize them all into 4 categories: "Top Choices," "Good Choices," "Weak Choices," and "Not Recommended." Within each category they are NOT arranged from best to worst, but rather from first available to last available. I'll also try to briefly explain why you would or wouldn't get each general. With the exception of Zin, there aren't any Oracle generals that everyone should have. Some can also be a little redundant. For instance, Kanbe, Frost and Feredir are all similar attacking generals, but with different elemental attack bonuses. You don't need any of them, much less all three. The class-specific generals can be very good but only if you use their specific class in guild warfare. They don't do much outside of guild battles, not even in class monster battles.

Top Choices

Godric (Facebook only) - excellent for leveling up with his +20 energy, currently only available to Facebook players through a direct buy link

Zin - power attacks against monsters give you a free 15 stamina once a day, I shouldn’t have to explain why everyone should get her

Deshara (Rogues only) - adds +40 damage in guild battles upon winning, useless for non-rogues

Dolomar - the highest critical bonus (+5%) in the game, weaker than other monster killing generals initially but will eventually be the best (minus Agamemnon) since his ability to deal extra damage to monsters increases proportionally with your strength - he becomes better than Therian once your attack is more than 500 or so, Maalvus has his uses but if you only want one Oracle general for monster hunting Dolomar is a good choice

Oberon (Warriors only) - +25 health is highest health bonus in the game

Daphne - in guild battles she decreases the damage you take by 20 when defending and deals it right back to the enemy, arguably the best defensive general for any class and any build, useless outside of guild battles

Maalvus - burns 3x energy for 3x damage when attacking monsters, also gives +3% critical chance, great to use against 2-bar monsters (they only damage the party or increase their forcefield a normal amount for your 3x attack), great to burn off stamina when you’re close to leveling up, Dolomar will do more damage but if you only want one Oracle general for monster hunting Maalvus is a good choice

Aethyx (Rogues only) - makes Poison very powerful, almost begging an enemy Cleric to use up a token dispelling it

Syren (Mages only) - gives Confuse a greater chance of triggering and makes it the most powerful Mage skill

Aesir - +40 physical pierce makes him one of the best attacking generals in the game, not so great for defense, has very high stats for an Oracle general which makes him a strong addition to your keep for invasions

Kanbe - +20 physical pierce and +10 earth offense make him powerful but what separates Kanbe from other elemental generals (and ALL other Oracle generals for that matter) is he has 20 divine power, strong stats help with invasions

Zolthar - +35 physical resistance and +10 earth defense make him a more powerful defensive version of Kanbe but he doesn’t have Kanbe’s divine power (which doesn’t really matter since divine power is only useful in attacking certain monsters- not something Zolthar is good at anyway)

Good Choices

Solara - best general for stamina refills, fairly useless for anything else, if you do the math though she will only end up saving you FP after about two or three dozen refills

Elora - inferior attacking ability to the physical pierce and elemental resistance generals, but she's available far sooner and her attack bonus helps her to be a decent defender too, just remember to unequip her before leveling up!

Sanna (Clerics only) - makes Cleric's special ability 40% better, which can help a lot if you use it correctly

Therian - +25 monster attack is only beaten by Agamemnon and Feral (both chest generals) but Dolomar’s ability will do more damage overall when your attack stat reaches 500 and beyond

Shivak (Clerics only) - gives +60% bonus to Fortitude, making a weak Cleric skill quite useable in battle

Meekah (Warriors only) - raises Confidence bonus cap from +50 to +90, allows warriors to deal tremendous damage in guild battles, downside is you must continue winning offensively and defensively to take advantage of this- otherwise Deianira and Ameron are better warrior generals

Anya (Mages only) - gives Polymorph a larger chance of working, only slightly less powerful than Felizia (rare Wrath chest general)

Alexandria (Mages only) - +4 gate damage from Mage special ability, inferior to Zurran (epic Annihilator general) but still a decent second choice

Tefaera (Clerics only) - makes Revive/Resurrect a little better, inferior to Kothas (Wrath chest epic)

Vanir - just like Aesir except for defense, not so great at attacking, has very high stats for an Oracle general which makes her a strong addition to your keep for invasions, slightly outclassed by Zolthar

Frost - +20 physical pierce and +10 water pierce makes her good for attacking, elemental affinity makes her situationally useful, has very high stats for an Oracle general which makes her a strong addition to your keep for invasions

Feredir - just like Frost except has a +10 wind offense instead of water

Erynion - just like Feredir except defensive, situationally useful

Weak Choices

Scarlett - highest income bonus (+6%) but only +1% better than Mercedes, can be helpful over a long period of time but at the higher PvP ranks you’re going to want a strong defensive general to protect your battle points

Barbarus - same ability as Maalvus but has weaker attack and no +3% critical, only plus is that you can buy him at lv80 instead of lv230

Kataan - an ok choice for boosting your invasion stats since he gains +2 attack/defense per level, but not great for anything else

Azul - an ok choice for Guild battles, inferior to Elora but only by a little

Crissana - an ok choice for leveling up, inferior to Godric but he’s FB-only (that might change in the future)

Tyxeros - randomizes the damage you do in guild battles, normal attacks hit for 160 damage but he hits for between 0 and 340, this can be alright if you’re lucky but there are much better class-specific generals out there

Caine - +3% damage against monsters but costs 400k gold per stamina spent, will deal higher damage vs. monsters than almost anyone but you really need more gold to buy required quest equipment (it gets really expensive) and eventually buy some epic soldiers for your army... Caine is therefore only recommended for dedicated monster hunters or high leveled players with more than 300 million hourly income

Ephraline (Mages only) - weak combination of Syren and Anya, only get her if you want to be a Mage and don’t want to spend any money on Castle Age... but even then an extra 30FP for both Syren and Anya will go a long way towards making you better in guild battles

Joan (Warriors only) - makes Sentinel/Guardian better, definitely get her if you want to use Sentinel/Guardian and can’t get Tyrant (Wrath chest epic), but Warriors can (and probably should) skip that skill

Not Recommended (At All)

Aria - weaker than Godric and Crissana for leveling up

Lyra - attacking power inferior to a handful of other Oracle generals

Slayer - inferior to Dolomar

Lailah - defense inferior to a handful of other Oracle generals, weak for leveling

Fenris - attacking power inferior to a handful of other Oracle generals

Suri - defensive power requires a LOT of generals to be useful, if you have a lot of generals then there’s a 99% chance at least one of them will be better than Suri for defense

Gawain - weak cooldown ability that can’t even match Elora who’s available sooner

Rafaria (Rogues only) - makes Would/Lacerate take off an extra +25 health, Would/Lacerate’s uselessness as a skill unfortunately makes Rafaria useless herself

Xelia (Mages only) - makes Illusion/Mirror Image 10% less likely to be dispelled when defeated, it’s a decent Mage skill when used correctly but Xelia’s ability is an utterly worthless way of increasing its strength


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Oracle Generals Guide Empty Re: Oracle Generals Guide

Post  dugle80 on Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:13 am

I just ran across this will doing some reading on something else and figured I would share it because someone was asking the other day. This link is maintained by wikia so I would imagine that it will stay updated.


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