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Post  Admin on Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:18 am

You spend 20 stamina to enter. Once in, you get 10 tokens. They recharge every 5 minutes but you max out at 10. You spend a token for every time you attack someone or use a skill. The goal is to beat a larger percentage of the enemy guild before the time runs out. If you defeat the entire enemy guild you win automatically. An enemy is “defeated” when you reduce his health to below 200. An enemy is “stunned” when his health is 0. Defeated enemies can still use class skills or abilities and can be healed by clerics. Stunned enemies cannot use class skills or abilities, and cannot be healed by clerics (they have to be revived, which is a different and much costlier cleric skill). Stunned enemies can still fight but do half damage when attacking.

You get some exp, gold, and guild coins whether you win or lose. The winning guild gets a +10% bonus to their guild coins. You earn guild coins by scoring guild points. 100 guild points = 1 guild coin. Each action you perform in battle is worth a specific amount of points.
Defeat = 100 points
Use a skill = 130 points
Victory against someone <80% of your current level = 160 points
Victory against someone +/-20% of your current level = 200 points
Victory against someone >120% of your current level = 240 points

Since you get 10 tokens on entering and they recharge every 5 minutes, in a 2 hour battle you can get up to 33 tokens. If you use these to beat 33 people right around your level, that’s 6600 points or 66 guild coins! Beating the other guild is important but you should also try to maximize the guild coins you earn in each battle... so you can buy things in the guild shop that will make you FAR stronger!

Beating People
The battles use the same system as pvp duels. Stats, general, and equipment decide this. To be highly competitive I recommend a BSI (battle strength index) of 3.0 or higher. BSI is a player-created statistic that’s (attack + defense) ÷ level. The best regular general is Celesta. She’s only a few points behind Araxis in attacking but since you could easily be attacked before switching to her, you should probably stick with her. Many but not all Oracle and Chest generals are better than Celesta, with better ones being available the longer you wait. Stats are the most important but your equipment can still make or break you. There are too many good items to list them all here, but definitely go for the Sword of Redemption (praying to Azeron), the Moonfall Amulet (praying to Aurora), and the Helm of Dragon Power (alchemy item by combining 4 rare drops from the different colored dragons).

If you don’t have any class skills and none of your classes are level 3 yet, be a mage. They far outdamage any other class on a victory. Once you can afford a class skill, pick whatever one you want! However, your stat allocation will make certain classes more useful to you than others. High attack in relation to defense makes you better at being a rogue. A concentration on defense makes you perfectly suited for cleric. Fairly balanced stats make the best warriors or mages. Warriors and clerics tend to be the most useful classes, but the most effective battle strategy requires a mix of all 4.

Basic Tactics
The priority of enemy targets goes something like this: 1) active enemy clerics, 2) other active enemies, 3) enemies who will give you the most guild coins, 4) low level enemies who won’t give you many guild coins, and then 5) enemies you can’t beat and have to suicide. “Suiciding” is attacking someone and losing every time, knowing that you are still damaging them. You should only really do this if your stats are too low to beat anyone or if a dangerous enemy needs to be taken out immediately. When you do suicide, it’s best if you are already stunned or at the very least defeated so that you aren’t actually hurting yourself. NEVER EVER SUICIDE A CLERIC, OR TRY TO TAKE ON A CLERIC YOU DON’T THINK YOU CAN BEAT, as they heal everyone in their tower when you do and it’s completely counterproductive.

Guild Ranks/Rewards
At every rank, you must compete in 5 battles. You gain a rank for winning 3 or more, and lose a rank if you only win 1 or 2. You usually compete against guilds the same rank as you, but I think they sometimes match you with someone a rank above or below. The ranks are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Vanguard, and Alpha. Each rank has a different banner you win for achieving that rank. The gold banner gives the guild a 5% discount on buying soldiers, the Platinum banner gives a 5% discount when buying equipment, the Vanguard banner gives a 5 stamina discount when entering guild battles, and the Alpha banner gives a 5% discount in the guild shop. All of these discounts only apply when the specific banner is equipped. The Vanguard banner will usually stay equipped for simplicity but if you have to make a substantial purchase in any of the above stores, contact the GM and see if he will briefly switch the relevant banner for you!


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Post  dugle80 on Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:31 am

I said a while back I was going to start logging the battles that I attend, so I figured I would start sharing.

It is very basic html pointing to pdf files, and I am going to keep it that way for the most part. It might grow and change over time based on my own use and if any of you like it and provide any feedback, suggestions or requests.

What I am going for here is for when we want to WIN against guilds that we haven't yet or don't often. Having played many other types of PvP games I KNOW that targeting the healers MUST be done. While saying that I am fully aware that many of us are in a coin farming state of mind which tends to be the exact opposite tactic.

If anyone knows programming or scripting related to databases, I would like to find a way to automate a cron job to parse the attack log and intern could allow for some interesting results with what we could do with what I have started.
PM me in game or preferably email me at if you can and are willing to help

Also to whoever might be capable of helping me with this piece, I'm not looking for anything big or complex. I'm just not so good at writing code but I can edit and manipulate it usually once I have a working base.


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