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Post  Admin on Sun Jun 24, 2012 11:46 pm

We have started a new guild so that more players can join our growing CA family. Vanguard United will NOT be a training guild for Vanguard Elite, it will be another excellent Alpha rank guild. The main difference is that Vanguard Elite will have a stronger focus on guild battles (and eventually conquest). Vanguard Elite will be a top 20 iOS guild for battles and monsters. Vanguard United will be a low ranked Alpha (but still pretty strong) guild for battles, but top 20 for monsters. To help explain a little more, here's what we are looking for with each guild.

Vanguard Elite (VE)
- Minimum level 150
- Very active members
- High BSI players
- Level 4 or 5 guild classes and lots of class skills

Vanguard United (VU, VUnited)
- Minimum level 100
- Active members
- Players who are looking for a great guild without the constant, difficult guild battles of VE
- Dedicated monster hunters
- Power-levelers who don't yet have high attack/defense
- Alternate accounts of VE members
- Players who haven't reached the VE minimum level, or who don't think their BSI/guild class is strong enough to be in VE (yet)
- Players who want to join VE but can't yet because it's full


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