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Best Generals for Invading Empty Best Generals for Invading

Post  Vanray on Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:37 pm

Best Generals for Invasions

#1 Mephistopheles - 27/23, +40 army limit (Alpha Chest, 1.25%)

#2 Chase - 20/16, +20 Army Limit (25,000 Battle Hearts in Alchemy) [Deathrune Siege is currently FB-only]

#3 Crom - 17/17, +20 army limit (Alpha Chest, 1.25%)

#4 Artanis - 16/17, +20 army limit (Alpha Chest, 4.58%)

#5 Savannah - 14/19, +15 army size (Alpha Chest, 1.25%)

Most of these generals are available from the Alpha Chest aren't really worth the effort. They’re only good for invasions (Mephistopheles has decent stats but they aren’t that good for an Epic chest general) which is just one area of the game that doesn’t matter that much. For this reason, you should try to get Chase (he takes a lot of time and effort to get, but won't use any of your valuable FP). Unfortunately, he's FB-only right now so iOS accounts will have to be patient.

Most importantly, if you want to use any of these generals, you have to make sure that the benefits of using them are greater than what you’d get with whoever would normally be your strongest attacking general. If you have a 501 army and your 502-541 soldiers and equipment are Footmen (1/1) or non-existant, chances are high that your best attacking general will be stronger for invasions.

Lastly, Savannah sucks. The other 3 increase your army limit, meaning you can have extra soldiers and equipment past 501. Savannah actually increases your army size without affecting your limit. If you have 300 friends, with Savannah you can have 315 soldiers/equipment for your army. Once you get more than 500 friends, she’s completely useless.


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