Directory (Army Codes!)

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Directory (Army Codes!)

Post  Vanray on Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:10 am

Here's the list of members with their army codes for you to add. This is in alphabetical order. Multi accounts have the main account listed in parentheses immediately following. If your code isn't on here, please pm me in-game. - Vanray

Alex 9763EA
Amy ADEA26
Apocalypse 51272F
Asha 8EDD89 *?
Assassin 2445F8
baxter411 FC847D
Brideau EE8111
Captain Nemo C1CA1B
Cielo 7AF934
Cloud D46479 (Xquzit)
Crazylegs F57EA4
Dan FB3EE4 (Danoz) *FB
Danoz 81F374
Dark Magic 2B21CD
Drizzit 173FBC
Dugle80 8833DA *FB
Dugle80 m1 E6D496 (Dugle 80)
Dugle80 m2 277E77 (Dugle 80)
Dugle FB2 7AC6CA (Dugle 80) *FB
Elliot EDC2F8
Enki D52029
Erameydian 309D7F
Erisen E0A6A2
Fers E37E15 (Fleets) *FB
Fierce Guy 18FA5B
Fleets 7C741A
Flint 365EB0
Frannypants 10AFFC
Freak 19CFE6
Gelidus 73CF39
General Brontos CAAEEE
Gm the great 16D131
Greg C1409E *?
Isabella D57166
Jeremy E68436
Jersey 94C40A
Karl 396E89 *FB
Kars 531C65
Karstoo 116C56 (Kars)
King Darko 5D5738
Law 401272
Lock F81351
Luna 092448
Mastermind 9B5529
Mesto-San BCB92F
Michael 8425A7 *FB
Midget BB726A
Midget 79E0DC *FB (Midget)
Poseidon A6B1F7
Pride Mark 7262A1
Slayer CB2D43
Stretchen E30F24
Stronger 8D1C25
Tonia BD58AC
Tymyshu B37528
Vanray A4AE2D *FB
Wendy FB3C82
Xquzit 6B45D8
Yovanny 78990B
Yuehan 292B6C


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