Best Generals for Increasing Income and Soldier Discounts

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Best Generals for Increasing Income and Soldier Discounts

Post  Vanray on Fri May 11, 2012 1:39 am

Best Generals for Extra Income

Unless you’re paranoid about battle rank or don’t care that much about earning money, always have one of these guys equipped when you log off. 5% or 6% may not seem like much but the little things in this game add up. Re-investing a lot into land, you’ll be able to reach a 300k/hour income a month or two quicker than normal by equipping one of these guys often.

#1 Scarlett - 20/20, +6% income (Oracle)

#2 Mercedes - 8/7, +5% income per hour (Land of Mist, 70000 gold)

#3 Cid - 5/6, +4% income per hour (Land of Earth, 25000 gold)

Best Generals for Soldier Discounts

Always remember to equip one of these generals before buying expensive soldiers. Saving 6% on 50 Tree Ents may not be much, but 6% on 5 Platinum Knights is a massive chunk of change.

#1 Darius - 19/19, -10% soldier cost (obtain in Reinforcements page after adding 60 army members, currently FB-only)

#2 Lucius - 18/17, -8% soldier cost (Vanguard Chest, 3.75%)

#3 Garlan - 7/6, -6% soldiers cost (Land of Earth, 38000 gold)

#4 Penelope - 3/6, -4% soldiers cost (Land of Fire, 5000 gold)


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