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Coin Farming!!! Empty Coin Farming!!!

Post  Vanray on Wed May 02, 2012 9:59 pm

Being a great guild isn't all it's cracked up to be. Though many of the battles at Alpha rank (and some at Vanguard) are challenging and fun, you will occasionally (often at Vanguard) be matched up against a guild you completely destroy. While awesome the first half dozen times it does get old after a while, particularly since you'll only be getting 20-40 guild coins instead of a much more satisfying 40-70. Fortunately with teamwork and tactics you can overcome this and turn these battles into highly successful coin farming opportunities!

When your guild decides to coin farm, you generally do the opposite of everything you normally do in order to prolong the battle and keep enemies alive as long as possible. Therefore,


Starting to coin farm with a 20 person lead is risky, but can be done against a guild that's less active and lower-leveled than yours. A 30 person lead is pretty safe, depending on the enemy activity level. With a 40 person lead it's perfectly safe. There might be the rare battle where a guild magically stages a comeback and wins, but the extra coins gathered from all the other times will more than offset the lack of a +10% bonus on one battle. Without further ado, on to coin farming!

Here's what you get for each action in battle:
2.4 coins per token - beating someone +20% or more of your level
2.0 coins per token - beating someone within +/- 20% of your level
1.6 coins per token - beating someone -20% or less of your level
1.0 coins per token - losing when attacking
1.35 coins per token - using all non-status effect skills
0.5 coins per token - using a token while polymorphed or triggering confuse

1. Maximize your personal haul. Attack enemies +20% of your level if you can beat them. If the only enemies left are less than 80% of your level, attack the weakest enemies first- you get the same amount of guild coins, but you allow your lower-leveled allies to maybe get more by attacking the people you passed over. Don’t use non-status effect skills, especially Heal or Revive. Poison, Polymorph, and Confuse get the 2.4/2.0/1.6/1.0 coins per token that normal attacks do and should be spammed uselessly.

2. Do as little damage to the enemy as possible. Unequip Deianira or Deshara if you have them. Try to stun yourself quickly so that you can do half damage and lose your class abilities. If you’re not stunned yet, attack enemies with very low health so that you waste your full-damage attacks. Don’t heal allies or ask for heals. Rogues use Poison on enemies about to be defeated. Mages cast Polymorph or Confuse on inactive enemies.

3. Leave enemy clerics alive until the end. If they are active and using heal, they will keep their team alive longer and give you more opportunity for guild coins. If you’ve stunned most of the enemies in a tower with a healthy cleric left, you can get a weak ally to suicide the cleric ONCE, healing the entire tower 10 health and allowing all of the previously stunned enemies to be attacked again for more guild coins. Once everyone else in the tower is re-stunned, the cleric can be re-suicided and the process can repeat until the cleric is eventually defeated. Vanguard Elite calls this tactic “milking.”

Happy farming!


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Coin Farming!!! Empty "Milking"

Post  Tater Man on Thu May 03, 2012 9:38 pm

Woo Hoo!! Milking!! Yes, Vanguard Elite does it, and does it well. Flick that udder and lets start milking this heifer!
Tater Man
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