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What's your build? Empty Re: What's your build?

Post  Vanray on Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:20 pm

I am building for Warrior/Rogue and plan on eventually having a fairly straightforward 3:2:1 attack-defense-health ratio. Ignoring health for simplicity's sake, I'll list my recommended attack/defense ratios for each class. I don't think these are the best ratios, as everyone really has to come up with whatever works for them, but I'll try to provide some solid reasoning to at least get you thinking.

Warrior - 3:2, they can be deadly but need to win both offensively and defensively to maintain their best damage bonus (Confidence), hence the roughly even stats with a lean towards attack

Rogue - 3:1, they deal lots of damage to one target and therefore need high attack to take out strong enemies, Evade can help mitigate small defense,

Mage - 2:1, higher attack makes their Polymorph and Confuse skills more effective and useful, some defense is still needed so you aren't easily defeated by weaker enemies

Cleric - 1:3, none of the skills use attack as a factor but you still need a little to get good equipment drops from monsters, high defense makes use of your special ability and will keep you alive longer

Lastly but most importantly, while attack/defense ratios can make a difference in pvp/guild war, they aren't nearly as important as having a high BSI (Battle Strength Index, or attack+defense divided by level). Some players swear by the cannon build (1 defense and everything else in attack). However a modest 1:1 build of the same level shouldn't have any problems resisting them if their BSI is just 20% higher than the cannon's. Same thing applies with the 1:1 build attacking "walls" (1 attack with everything else in defense).

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Post  Tater Man on Tue May 01, 2012 8:06 pm

I'm a Mage.

As of today:

Level 146 General

Energy: 153
Stamina: 169
Attack: 236
Defense: 226
Health: 227

I've been allocating more to my health lately, because i've noticed during Guild Battles that a lot of people leave me alone since my battle health is 2270.

Saving right now to level up and get more skill slots. But that Mage Ability: Mirror Image sounds really cool. I could disguise myself as a sub 100 level player, and trick people into attacking me, thinking i'm a low level and easy to beat. Or disguise myself as a higher level, and keep the attacks at bay. Really neat.

Tater Man
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Post  Danoz-Dan on Tue May 15, 2012 8:47 am

First character Danoz is a mage with a rough 1:2 att def ratio. Plan long term to be a mage/ cleric hence the higher def stat. I also plan to utilise mirror image and trick people into thinking they are attacking a low level character. And with the def build a cleric is an obvious choice and can farm tons of points in monster battles as I have never been in a monster fight without tonnes of healing needed. A supportive warrior class may also be on the agenda.

Second character Dan is a rogue with a rough 2:1 att def ratio. Plan to branch out into a warrior build,-mainly for monster battles but they have some cool pvp skills as well. I could also branch out into mage specialising in poly and confuse.

Both have energy 200+ and working on getting stamina up to 230+ and then pump att/def as required.


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What's your build? Empty Re: What's your build?

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